Monday, June 8, 2009

Take the tme to acknowledge!

We are all craving it! We began life getting lots of it. We threw fits when we didn't get it. We still do. What is 'it'? It's acknowledgement!

Who is more acknowledged -- a 2 year old or a 30 year old?

Much of a no-brainer -- a 2 year old certainly! Why is that? They are cuter? They are more demanding of attention? True. And they are so vibrant when they receive it!

I just heard a statistic that Disney did a study on people receiving constructive feedback on perfrmance reviews. They reported 30% did something about it. On the other hand, when given acknowledgment for what they were doing right, 90% continued to do the behavior / task which got acknowledged and went on to improve it.

I don't know about you...I think I will be acknowledging someone today! I like the odds!

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