Sunday, December 6, 2009

BE the Message™ Coaching & Seminars
Take your Presentations to the next level!

Speak from YOUR Authentic Voice

  • Are your presentations out of focus?

  • Is the attention of your audience on the PowerPoint, or on you?

  • Are you ready to SHIFT your presenting into a higher gear?

  • Do you dread presenting?

    BE the Message™ works to help you put your heart into what you present & become a more engaged and impactful presenter! You will experience:

    ¬ Developing a more natural and engaging style as a presenter – YOU BEing the message
    ¬ Learning what you are saying non-verbally through your body language, vocal cues and attitude
    ¬ Handling questions with ease – including negative feedback
    ¬ Bringing more energy and enthusiasm to presentations
    ¬ Learning how utilizing the rules of Improv can give you more confidence
    ¬ Understanding the importance of a strong open and close
    ¬ Noticing the signs of audience disengagement….and how to win them back
    ¬ Receiving feedback through video taping in an affirming and confidential way
    ¬ Be more relaxed, passionate, poised, and impactful in your presentations
    ¬ Learning how to use PowerPoint support you and your presentation rather than becoming the core of the presentation

    You will leave the session renewed and create a BE the Message Action Plan™ for creating what’s next in your presentations and speaking!

    Speaking and presenting effectively is the #1 way to grow professionally and personally – period. After all – Life is but a series of presentations!

    BE the Message Seminar Friday, January 22, 2010


Austin, Tx

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