Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Taste of BOA! is in Austin
Monday October 5, 2009
6:00 p.m.
Harmony Balance
3321 Hancock
Monday October 12, 2009
6:30 pm
Beets Cafe
1611 W. 5th Street
(5th Street Commons)
$15.00 gets you light snacks, fun, connection, some great information you can use to unleash your inner BOA! A woman's desire is the most attractive force on the planet. When we are relaxed and happy, keeping our vitality our number one, then we are living a BOA lifestyle!
Hope to see you there!
Questions?? Patty -- 713 582 9551 or

Are you...

In Transition and wondering WHAT"S NEXT?
FRUSTRATED with certan relationships? And you've tried everything?
TIRED of doing the same things & expecting different results? And it's not working?
READY to get MORE of what YOU really want?

Life is ALWAYS Better with a BOA!

Unleashing the POWER Within Seminar Series for women gives you the tools, strategies and plans to:

Create richer ralationships & Transform less than perfect ones
Understand essentia ME FIRST time & put it into your schedule
Discover the importance of what brings YOU vitality and how it effects EVERYTHING and EVERYONE
Get clear about what YOU want in your life & create a plan to get it!
Script a NEW STORY for YOUR Life -- Your BOA Life!
And just have more FUN!

** When Mama's happy, everybody's happy! ** What is the value of one SHIFT in your life that could change everything?

Life is ALWAYS Better with a BOA!

Unleashing the POWER Within Seminar Series

Tools, Strategies, and Group Coaching
Register Here:
2 Wednesdays
September 30, October 7
In Austin, TX

Call 713 582 9551 or email