Hi, I'm Patty Walters and so happy you are here!

There are many things I offer and the best way to sum up the Improv-Communications-Relating Skills-Seminar Developing and Delivery-Law of Attraction Coaching .... is that people have FUN when they work with me, SEE themselves differently, are OPEN to new possibilities, AND feel lighter and happier as a result.

Seems I've spent all of my life getting here -- from having a 'school' set up in my family's garage when I was 7 - teaching all of the neighborhood kids, to being a 'ham' whenever someone brought out the 8mm movie camera, to learning to be an artist from my Dad, to creating characters and acting them out with my college roommates, to creating fun project parties at work, to designing training for customers, to finding my performing / speaking / singing abilities on stage! Whew!

One of my loves, Applied Improv, is now the focus and cornerstone of i-SHIFT Now! Even though Improv is performed generally on stage ane without a script, there are Rules of Improv which form the structure for the brilliant work which is done utilizing it. In real life, Improv can prove to be an amazing way of communicating and relating resulting in better, richer results than one might have considered.

Join me in the mission to get the BUTs out of your life -- join the YES, AND Revolution!